Electrical & Switchboards

Installations, upgrades or repairs of power points, USB powered outlets, switchboards and weatherproof equipment. This includes fault finding and testing of switchboard legends, commercial kitchen appliances, cool rooms and exterior gates.

Making the most of your power

We understand that power is essential to the operation of your business.

If you need power, we can help – signage, projectors, monitors, screens, fridges, bain-maries or cool rooms. This includes installation and secure mounting of equipment if required. If you need exterior power supply for things such as gates or signage at the front of your premises, we will take care of underground cabling to ensure you’re left with no visible power sources.

We also perform upgrades and maintenance of switchboards – including testing, auditing and fault finding to make appropriate upgrades before it causes you power supply issues.

If we can answer any questions about our electrical and switchboards service, please get in touch with us via the contact form below.

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