Inspection, testing, auditing and maintenance of electrical and data infrastructure to ensure your system complies with Australian Standards and building codes. We understand the importance of a responsive service and provide 24/7 support for contracted clients.

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Maintaining your electrical, exit and emergency lighting and data infrastructure is essential to comply withAustralian standards and building codes. This includes fault-finding, testing, auditing and repairs as required.

Inspections should be carried out on exit and emergency lighting every six months to maintain Australian standards and were commend inspecting switchboards more regularly to prevent potential safety risks.

We perform scheduled maintenance for contracted clients and provide a report following the inspection outlining what needs to be repaired or replaced. We then take care of the identified faulty items, safeguarding your premises and giving you peace of mind.

We understand things go wrong and you may need out-of-hours support from time to time. We provide 24/7 support for contracted clients so when it comes time to open your doors, you’re ready.

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