Kambrya College

School theatre lighting upgrade

Kambrya College is a secondary school located in Berwick, Melbourne. The school’s theatre lighting was not adequate for an upcoming production and needed our professional attention.

Some of the lights had completely stopped working and other areas of the theatre were not sufficiently lit, causing OHS issues for people trying to move around freely and safely during a live production.

We started with an audit of the existing lighting to identify what lights required an upgrade or full replacement and where completely new lights needed to be installed. Our audit findings informed the new lighting plan, including safely disconnecting and removing faulty lights as required.

Throughout the works we carried out a complete rewire of the theatre stair lights on each side and installed new wiring for the middle stair row where there was no lighting before. We sourced appropriateLED dimmable strip lights and an aluminum channel required for the stair treads, ensuring the LED lights were protected from foot traffic.

Asa result of the works, the theatre now meets OHS requirements, is visually appealing to look at and allows the stage to take prominence in the room. Kambrya College is extremely happy with the outcome and the school production was a huge success.