Red Hill CFA

Fire station renovation

In late 2021, we worked with Brynor Constructions to complete a renovation of the Red Hill CFA. This project was entirely community funded so we were very proud to be involved in a project that would benefit the community so greatly.

The Red Hill Fire Brigade has been protecting the Red Hill and surrounding communities since 1940. It has been at the current location since 1972 and during that time the fire station has had several updates and additions. The brigade was having a lot of trouble with circuits tripping as the station had been tinkered with over the years and fittings were outdated and not working as they should. We had already done some work to rectify these issues, but the renovation was the perfect opportunity to upgrade and install the latest lighting and technology to help the station function well for members.

This renovation was the largest undertaken to date and involved the expansion of the truck bays, a new change area/turn out room for volunteer firefighters and new automatic doors. Brynor Constructions managed the project, and several members with a trade chipped in their time to help as well. We completed all the electrical and data works for the project.

This included:

  • Disconnection of old electrical wiring and data cabling.
  • Installation of new underground mains cables, meter panel and back-up generator.
  • Installation of a new switchboard, including safety switches.
  • Installation of power, lighting, emergency lighting, power for motorised bi-fold doors and motion sensors.

Director of Brynor Constructions and Red Hill CFA 1st Lieutenant, Sam Norris, said “we preferred to work with a local contractor whom we knew and trusted”.

Sam said they were happy with the way the job ran “without the normal stresses of construction and working within timelines,” and they are delighted with the results. The CFA has improved lighting, electric doors for easy access and “the local community and members are now set for the future and beyond.”

The Red Hill CFA now has an outstanding, modern, and spacious station that is fully operational and has improved safety for all members. We were pleased to be involved in such an important community project and to work with such a highly awarded builder as Brynor Constructions.

Sam Norris


Brynor Constructions & Red Hill Fire Brigade

We were very pleased with the work of Sparx Power & Data and their professional service. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and reliable and we would happily recommend them to anyone needing a commercial electrician.